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Hakuin Z is a youtube personality that does crazy hilarious videos of gameplay (Planet of Cubes) his farm animals his rap music and more!! Join Hakuin Z on youtube today!

Hakuin Z and Kuan YinEdit

Hakuin Z and his wife Kuan Yin have been married for years and have two children. They love nature and animals and video games. He decided to start recording YouTube videos of his favorite game Planet of Cubes. His YouTube series called road to survival is an adventure, comedy, exploration, and how to series that takes place in survival mode on the infinite Planet of Cubes. The game made by solverlabs LLC began collaborating with him in an effort to popularize the game and make it more understandable to its American audience. In each episode his wife joins him as he explores and builds and survives in Planet of Cubes! He also recorded videos of his farm animals that he and his wife raised and breed. The two of them and their family raise chickens and sheep and bees and also love to explore the world and find cool animals to show their YouTube audience.

Latest activityEdit

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